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It is imperative that you read the edits as they are shown. For many, this will change things; for others (myself included) it will not.


Before you delve in to the depths of this article, I understand that many of you may have read the opening title and immediately come to the “FUD” conclusion; that this is nothing more than an attack on the platform and leaders that you have come to know and trust since the server’s inception.

What I ask is very simple: read the article in its entirety first.

None of what is shared below is a lie. If anything, it cannot be a lie. Through the noise of my words, there is compelling, undeniable, irrefutable evidence to prove what I am about to tell you — Etherscan and wallet links do not and cannot lie. They cannot be falsified or manipulated, so please keep this in mind before coming to any conclusions.

I challenge you to read it from start to finish.

What’s the point?

Well, first of all, to tell you the truth. As it stands, you are *being lied to* and I feel that it is my *responsibility* to bring you the truth in the most unbiased fashion.

Edit: I realise this article is very one sided. That being said, I urge you to continue with an open mind and consider all of the information herein.

Yes, I am sure there will be consequences to this article being revealed but it is neccessary for the sake of posterity — so that you no longer fall victim to *the deceit and the cover ups*.

Secondly, it is to vindicate those close to me who have been *slandered* by those to blame. Friends, close relatives, people who I respect have all *had their names cast in to the dirt and I have had enough*. It is time to reveal to you what is actually happening behind the scenes.

Without any further delay, let us begin.

A little background.

As you know, back in January 2021, The Crypto Cobras were offered a presale opportunity for a project known as Polkadex. The presale price of this allocation was $1 per token and pledgers we advised to send their amounts to the Crypto Cobras presale wallet and complete the form with the relevant details.

The wallet address that funds were sent to is:



The presale form looks like this (the below example is from a different presale however the wallet that funds are sent to by pledgers is the same every time and always has been):

Seem familiar?

Once the funds had been sent over, pledgers were advised that there is a vesting period with Polkadex tokens and that 25% of the allocation would be received over 4 months from Q2 (in actuality, the vesting period is 25% every quarter however we will chalk this up as a typo and move on).

As time progressed, users spent time learning about the project’s development and shared updates in the respective channel (which has conveniently been deleted, I might add).

Polkadex’s IDO was hosted on the popular launchpad known as Polkastarter on April 16th 2021 at 1200UTC and was live for public trading on Uniswap at 1235UTC of the same day.

At the time of listing, many Polkadex pledgers were involved in a public voice call on the server, eagerly anticipating the success that they believed was coming their way as well as news from the server owners as to when they would receive their token allocations.

Typically, presale pledge tokens are not received immediately on launch and a delay of a few hours to even a few days can be normal.

So the wait began.

The spiral of lies begins.

At some point during the public call, the server owner, Zee, received a personal call and disconnected. Upon his return, he advised listeners that the Polkadex allocations were to be refunded and that Polkadex had been oversubscribed on their private sale round. Refunds were to be sent in USDT, not ETH, and Polkadex would issue the refund in due course.

As disheartened as many users were, Zee assured others that the refund would be sent and that there would be plenty of better opportunities in the future.

Now fast forward to the middle of May 2021.

There had been another presale that was offered to the Crypto Cobras shortly before Polkadex known as Boson Protocol. Presale allocations for this were collected the same way all others are and the wait began.

Unlike Polkadex, the Boson allocations were being received by users as expected however, in the month of May, the allocation was late so I took it upon myself to find out what was happening.

My first point of communication was with Boson themselves. I asked when the 16.66% was to be sent out and they replied with this:

Pretty clear.

The second allocation was sent by them on April 30th 2021 and it’s now mid-May with no tokens received by pledgers. Very odd, although perhaps you can attribute this to high gas fees on the Ethereum network. After all, the sender is the one who has to pay the TX fees to send each individual their pledge. Let’s move on.

Edit: Presale pledgers for Boson are now missing 2 allocations as at 12/07/2021.

My second place of investigating was the Cobra Presale wallet that I linked at the top of this article. All presale pledges are sent there but all allocations are also received and distributed from that same wallet.

Upon following the TX history backwards to enquire the source of the first allocation, I stumbled upon the following wallet which we will call the Master Wallet.

The Master Wallet address is as follows:



In this wallet, were the Boson tokens I had been searching for and, lo and behold, they were received exactly in accordance with Boson’s distribution schedule:

The part that alarmed me, however, was not that the Boson tokens were in that wallet and hadn’t been sent out yet though.

The web of lies untangled.

Also present in the Master Wallet, were a large amount of Polkadex tokens that were received the day after its listing on Uniswap (to the tune of over $150,000):

Please feel free to look in to this wallet if there is any doubt in your mind. The history can be found here:


As you can see, not only were these Polkadex tokens received in to this wallet, they were also distributed to a number of wallets, as shown in the image above.

These wallets do not belong to presale pledgers. Remember, they were to be refunded, right?

Edit: After further consideration, I cannot find any evidence to suggest that these wallets belong to Zee.

You may also notice that there was a large sum of Konomi tokens also received in to this wallet too (more on Konomi later). Konomi was another presale that was “over subcribed” but refunds in USDT were already sent. Suffice to say, that too was not over subcribed as you were led to believe.

The icing on the cake for me was not only the corrolation between tokens that server members were involved with on listings being present in that wallet (Deeper Network, PAID Network, Raze Network, Fractal Protocol etc), but also the fact that RFbtc was in there too.

As many of you know, RFbtc was a token that many members were involved in, was a micro cap and almost certainly not on many people’s radar, so why is it there?

You see where I’m going with this.

It is evident that Zee is aware of this wallet and what is going on with its activities, even if he is not the owner (which I am certain he will deny).

Edit: As per my previous edit. Also, I very much doubt that Zee owns this wallet — a reasonable explanation to this would be that many presales are provided through various plugs and contacts that the server owners have and the wallet is almost certainly one of theirs.

The cover up.

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of emphasis on what we collectively know as the “crypto island”. An elusive, mythical paradise that Zee and Yusuf presented to us as being the ultimate ascension.

The cover up begins with the initial emphasis on putting the Polkadex refund in to this “island” without anyone’s say so:

Then the rhetoric changed to this:

And lastly, this:

This begs the question: if you’ve already received two thirds of the refund from Polkadex (as implied by the “third batch” comment above), why has the refund distribution not commenced to at least some of the presale pledgers?

Which leads us to this:

If 2 thirds of the refund has already been received (as per Zee’s own admission), why are you refunding the money out of your own pocket?

The answer is very simple:

There is no refund because Polkadex were never over subscribed and issued no refund because there was no refund to give.

You were lied to and deceived just like everyone else involved.

This is from Polkadex directly, on their own Telegram group:

Here is the direct link to this message:


As a bonus, I’ll share this with you:

Moonwhale were not involved with Polkadex in any capacity.

But what about Konomi?

*Please read the edits on Konomi as they are especially important*

Ah yes, the other presale that was allegedly over subscribed.

As mentioned previously, the refunds for Konomi were in fact sent to pledgers (pretty quickly, I might add). However, it was another presale that was to be refunded under the guise of “over subscription”. So in spite of everyone being made whole, the deceit (as with Polkadex) still remains.

Konomi is also present in the Master Wallet at the date of writing this article, the first allocation being received on March 16th 2021:

These tokens were received from a bulk sender app which one can safely assume is the distribution from the plug or from the developers themselves:


There was a second allocation received in to the Master Wallet on June 16th 2021, also from a bulk sender:


Following receipt of the second allocation above, 3,552 Konomi tokens (KONO) were sent to the Cobra Presale wallet directly. DIRECTLY:


They were then sent to the following wallets from the Cobra Presale wallet:

You will notice that the third wallet says “Yusuf ERC20–2” next to it. I was able to find and track many of his wallets and it comes as no surpise to see that he received the “over subscribed” Konomi tokens sent from the Master Wallet 3 days prior.

The top wallet 0xb171…b8bd is Zee’s.

How can I know?

That should tell you enough.

Edit: Yusuf has explained that the 1,184 KONO tokens sent out to them was a “favour” of sorts and this part actually makes a lot of sense. If you consider the first allocation received on March 16th 2021 to the master wallet, you will notice that these tokens were not sent to any wallets associated with Zee and co. I simply cannot recall the reason that the refund was given as the Konomi channel has been removed from the server so it is safe to assume that there is at least truth in this part.

Final thoughts.

First and foremost, I am sorry.

Sorry to everyone who was involved in *Polkadex*. Sorry that you were lied to by individuals you believed you could trust. Sorry that I could not tell you something good.

There are many decent people on the server but, unfortunately, there is corruption at the very top and it felt it prudent to inform you.

Edit: Once again, I now believe that the master wallet is actually owned by a presale plug. The presence of RFbtc can easily be explained away as that was, in fact, Connor’s token and I have heard many times that Connor also has close ties to some of the same sources that Zee does.

I do, however, maintain my sentiment throughout this whole…ordeal. Polkadex were never oversubscribed. This part, nobody can deny or refute. Passing the buck repeatedly on to the project developers when they themselves have denied any refunds or oversubscription tells me what I have believed and suggested this entire time: we were lied to and they tried to cover it up. They are aware of this wallet, of that I have zero doubt and the constant changing of stories cements my resolve in writing this article.

Additionally, making up complete lies about members asking for their money back and then banning them for supposedly causing “FUD” should speak volumes about the sort of people who are running the show.

Unpopular opinions and not giving a shit about your feelings are my speciality.