Following the antics of those in charge of the Crypto Cobras server, some (but not all) of those who requested a refund for their allocations have been sent their money (albeit, not all of it).

This was a promising sign that people who wanted out would be made whole and…

I first recall hearing the word “solidarity” in the wake of the terrorist attacks that occurred in France back in 2015 when extremists used firearms and grenades to kill innocent people at various locations across Paris.

As a consequence of those attacks, there was outrage across much of the world…

Edited as at 01/07/2021. All edits are either stipulated or denoted with two asterisks and in bold *example*

It is imperative that you read the edits as they are shown. For many, this will change things; for others (myself included) it will not.


Before you delve in to the depths…

The Iconoclast

Unpopular opinions and not giving a shit about your feelings are my speciality.

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